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Windows Shutdown Shortcut - Reblog from HCRockstar

If you find it there are too many steps to shutdown your PC, especially if you’re in hurry to leave, here’s how to create a Shutdown shortcut.

Right-click on a blank area on your desktop then select New => Shortcut from the context menu.

In the next window, type shutdown -s -t 0 in the text field. Click on Next.

Name the shortcut to Shutdown. Click on Finish.

Let’s make it a little fancier by changing its icon. Right-click the shortcut you just created and select Properties.

In the Shutdown Properties window, select the Shortcut tab and click on the Change Icon… button.

If you get a popup warning, ignore it by clicking the OK button.

In the Change Icon window, find and select the shutdown icon. Click the OK button. Close all windows.

You now have a fancy shortcut icon on your desktop.

If you prefer, you can add it next to the Start menu by right-clicking the icon and select Pin to taskbar.

Drag it next to the Start menu.

When you’re ready to leave, just click the Shortcut icon. You can now enjoy the rest of the day.

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