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The Journey Begins: Embracing Sacrifice as a Solo Parent Expat in Oman

Dear readers, welcome! I want to share a particularly intimate and life-changing chapter with you today. My name is Imaan, and I'm a committed mother of three stunning daughters as well as a passionate educator. This blog article details my choice to move abroad to Oman and temporarily leave my girls behind in order to provide them a better future. It is a tale about selflessness, tenacity, and pursuing one's goals despite obstacles.

A Mother's Dilemma

My top priority as a mother has always been to give my kids the greatest life possible. But I faced a conundrum in life. Although there is a great demand for teachers in my native country, the compensation is unfortunately lower, and I recognized that working abroad would provide my girls with a more stable financial future. After much thought, I took a big breath and made the choice to accept a job in one of the universities in Oman, despite the fact that doing so would require me to spend a significant amount of time away from my girls.

The Sacrifice

It was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do to say goodbye to my girls. Even though I knew the separation was necessary for their future, it nevertheless weighed heavily on my heart. Being a single parent, the prospect of missing out on every success, every joyous or sad event, and every milestone, was debilitating. I clung to the hope that this sacrifice would ultimately result in a more promising and secure future for all of us.

The Journey to Oman

As I approached Oman, I felt both eager and apprehensive. I was warmly received by the people of this lovely country, who welcomed me with open arms. The desire to embark on this new adventure overpowered the unfamiliarity of the surroundings. I was ecstatic as an educator at the idea of imparting my expertise and love of teaching to students from various backgrounds.

Balancing and Work Longing

It gave me a sense of pleasure and purpose to work in Oman. During those times when I yearned for my girls, my commitment to my students grew into a source of strength. Skype chats, video messaging, and voice messages became into our lifelines, keeping us in touch despite our geographical separation. I kept telling myself that by being here, I was showing my daughters that we can achieve our goals if we work hard and are willing to make sacrifices.

Building a Support Network

It was essential to establish a support system as an expat in a new country. The friendship and understanding provided by the expat community in Oman was a blessing. I made deep connections with other Filipinos and single parents who, like me, had left their families in order to build better lives for themselves.

Growth, Resilience and Reunion

Living in Oman as an expat gave me several life lessons. I developed as a person as well as a teacher. I became more resilient as a result of the hardships and sacrifices, which also increased my appreciation for the importance of community and family.

I give thanks to God for my yearly reunion with my daughters, which is truly magical. All of the sacrifice was made worthwhile by the happy tears and the close embraces. With the knowledge and lessons gained from our time apart, we started a new chapter as a family together.

Although making the decision to go to Oman as an expat required some sacrifices, it has been a remarkable journey of development and self-discovery. As a mother and an educator, I have discovered that sometimes, in order to achieve our goals, we must make challenging decisions and venture outside of our comfort zones.

I urge all the brave individuals out there who are faced with similar choices to have faith in their goals and to rise to the trials that life presents. It could be challenging, but keep in mind that you are not alone. You can overcome any challenge with tenacity, love, and—most importantly—faith in our Creator.

I appreciate you being a part of my emotional journey. Up until then!

With Love,

Imaan with a Heart!


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